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The Trio-Mariachi Acapulco was formed in 1989 in the city of Tijuana BC Mexico, being one of the founders and original members the Lead Guitar Rafael Ramos. Later in 1992, in the city of Santa Ana CA, the Multi-instrumental player Emiliano Ramos and the Guitarist and Singer Anael Ledezma joined the Trio, conforming in this way the final structure. The name was taken from the city where the brothers Emiliano Ramos and Rafael Ramos were born, Acapulco Guerrero Mexico.

Emiliano Ramos


Bass and Second Vocals. He is a very experienced multi-instrumental player (Piano keyboard, guitar, bass and drums) with more than 25 years of work in the music field, coming from a family of talented musicians. For the purposes of the Trio he is dedicated to play the bass rhythms with singular happiness.

Rafael Ramos


Lead Guitar and Second Vocals. With about 22 years of musical experience, he is a very technical guitar player, who performs the most beautiful solos for the Trio-Mariachi music. Coming from a family of musicians, he got the talent to express feelings and emotions through the music.

Anael Ledezma

Lead Vocals and Guitar. He was born in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico, where the Mariachi music was born too. Belonging to a traditional musicians family, and having experience with several trios, his educated voice and  way to play guitar, make him a very passionate musician, who brings a special touch to the trio.

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